ERHe Ultimate Winter Training 2023-2024

ERHe Ultimate at Womens' Tour 1 (2021-2022)

Indoor training for the winter season 2023-2024 has begun. ERHe is playing ultimate frisbee in Espoo in two different spots.

Our training days are on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Please send us a DM on Facebook or Instagram or an e-mail to erheultimate(a) for the details!

Can I join the training?

Our training sessions are run in mixed format meaning men and women are on the field at the same time. Some ERHe members started playing ultimate with us, while others have multiple years of competitive experience.

What should I bring to ultimate training?

  • Indoor sport shoes (floorball, handball, basketball etc.) are recommended. Running shoes are also fine but they may be slippery.
  • Personal water bottle.
  • A black and a white t-shirt. This will make it easier to divide players into teams when playing. We also use vests so don’t worry too much if you are missing the right color.

Frisbees are provided by the team but you are free to bring your own if you want. 😊

How much does playing with ERHe cost?

The first two sessions are free. If you would like to continue training and playing with us, there will be additional fees.

ERHe Ultimate's Ondra Brem with a frisbee
Without wind, it’s a lot easier to learn how to throw and catch!
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